We are a new ministry in Warren, Texas. Founded and operated by Rev T. Bingham. We are small and slowly growing online and in the local community with several ministry opportunities coming ahead. We are launching a fishing bible study in the near future, an idea a dear friend of mine came up with. We will also be launching a podcast and YouTube channel very soon. We are a 501(3)(c) registered non-profit.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bridge the gap between a little Faith and Unbreakable Faith.

Words from the founder

I have wanted to start a ministry for many years now but didn’t know if it was a calling, the right thing to do, or if I would be doing it for the right reasons. It finally hit me after several series of events in my life that forced me to realize even through the hardest times The Lord was there. It started with building my own faith with prayer every night, I would pray:


Please take all the anger, anxiety, depression, stress, hate, and all the other negative feelings that weight me down. Please take them all and grant me more faith in you.


This prayer works but as I learned it only works if you allow God to take it from you. You can ask for it to be taken away but God can’t take it away if you don’t completely let go and give it to him. It make be instant or it may take years for you to truly let go and allow God to work within you. One of the most difficult things you’ll ever do in your life is to truly let go and let God guide you, it will be a constant struggle because WE like to be in charge of things. God gives us the ability to decide, you can give yourself to God and allow him to guide you or you can choose your own path and hope for the best.

I am still learning and growing in my faith. Days before founding this ministry my dad was rushed to the hospital with an intestinal problem that required surgery, something came over me from no where. I didn’t rush, I suddenly knew there was no need and that he would be fine. The feeling was not just a hopeful belief or being optimistic; it was a true feeling of just knowing there was nothing to worry about. Later that night driving my mother home I told her wouldn’t it be nice of Wilma was home waiting on the porch, we laughed and of course she wasn’t there we I dropped mom off. Wilma, her puppy had been missing for at least a week with us posting on Facebook trying to find her. The next morning mom went out and Wilma rushed into the house! This animal was missing for at least a week maybe a bit more, she wasn’t lost, she wasn’t hurt, but there she was out of no where. I know that was Gods work. Mom was in destress emotionally and he knew what she needed and provided it. This is just the most recent evidence I have personally witnessed that shows me God is always working. I decided the next day to start a ministry. Suddenly I wasn’t shy about discussing my beliefs, God, faith, or anything with anyone. Keep in mind I was pretty antisocial my entire life struggling with ADHA, Bi-Polar Disorder, and other struggles. Until you allow it to happen, you cannot imagine the peace and excitement that you feel inside.

Rev T. Bingham