God is NOT an A*****e

That’s right, you didn’t misread that. Stop telling people bad things happen because someone is being tested, stop telling people that God works in mysterious ways when bad things happen, and stop telling people God made something bad happen so someone can learn from it. God isn’t that way! Man was given dominion over this earth, man makes bad things happen and satan makes bad things happen. God takes these times bad things happen and tries to make the best of them for us IF we allow him to do so. Stop telling people God makes bad things happen, this can damage or destroy a persons faith. Put yourself in those shoes, imagine something terrible like the death of your child and then a friend tells you “it’s part of Gods plan”. You wouldn’t have much use for God after that would you? In fact you might harbor enough anger against God to lose your faith completely. Please for the betterment of everyone stop blaming God.

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